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Client Portal

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Click here to access the Ennis, Pellum CPAs Client Portal. When prompted, please enter your Login and Password. A portal user guide can be found below. 

Important announcement:

Our portal system has been replaced with a new provider, Client Axcess, effective January 2021. Access to the old portal ceased on December 31, 2020. Existing client portal users should have received or be on the look out for a welcome email to the new Client Axcess portal in January 2021. See below "New Client Portal Launching January 2021 - Client Axcess" notice for further information. 

New Client Portal Launching January 2021 - Client Axcess

Our existing client portal has been replaced with a new and improved client portal system effective January 1, 2021. The new portal, Client Axcess, is more intuitive to navigate and use, featuring an easy-to-follow organization of documents, simple downloading of documents at the click of a button, and does not require an app for multi-factor authentication. Additionally, portal administrators can independently assign, remove and manage access rights to additional users from within the new portal system without the need to request Ennis, Pellum & Associates, CPAs for assistance. 

Please note that our old client portal system will no longer be available effective December 31, 2020. Key documents such as tax returns and financial statements will be automatically uploaded and available in your new client portal. We will also be able to add other documents kept on file as requested.  

Existing client portal users should be on the lookout in January 2021 for a welcome email with an invitation to Client Axcess and information on how to create your new portal. The title of the email will be "Ennis, Pellum & Associates, CPAs welcomes you to Client Axcess, your secure client portal!" and the sender's email address is 

We are pleased to be able to offer our valued clients an improved portal document sharing system going forward. We are happy to assist our valued clients in the set-up of a client portal if you do not already have one; contact Amanda Libertone at for request a client portal.

Portal User Guide

For information on how to use the Client Axcess portal, please refer to our User Guide. Please also refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information and tips on how to use the portal. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Client Portal

A personal client portal account enables Ennis Pellum CPAs and our clients to exchange electronic documents easily, safely and in real time. Using encryption and a secure username and password, clients can access information such as tax returns, financial statements and tax organizers. Clients also have the ability to securely upload documents to their personal portal account for sharing with Ennis, Pellum CPAs.

2. Login Tips

  • The Login ID (email address) is not case sensitive.
  • The password must contain at least one upper-case letter, one number, and one special character.
  • The password is case sensitive and must be between 8 and 32 characters.
  • Your password may be reset at any time by clicking “I Forgot My Password?”.

3. Why am I not able to receive documents from Ennis Pellum CPAs within an email

Ennis, Pellum CPAs is committed to protecting our clients’ personal and sensitive information. Unlike emails and their attachments, the client portal uses encryption technology to ensure that your personal information is secure. With the client portal, it is our goal to enhance client communication and speed in order to improve client service.

4. Why do I see the logo of my prior or a different CPA firm on the portal login page

Ennis, Pellum CPAs uses CCH Client Axcess to host its client portal, as do many other CPA firms. If a client has a prior CPA firm who also uses CCH Client Axcess as their client portal provider, the client may see a different CPA firm name or logo on the portal login page at If you no longer need your client portal account from your prior CPA firm, you can ask them to delete your client portal so that you only have access to and see your Ennis, Pellum CPAs client portal account and login page. Please make sure that you clear your internet browser’s cache and cookies, also known as temporary internet files, to help delete the history of any portal login page for a different CPA firm. For details on how to clear your cache, please refer to: After clearing your cache and when your client portal account with your prior CPA firm has been deleted, you will see only the Ennis, Pellum CPAs portal login page. 
If, on the other hand, a client works with an additional CPA firm and wants to continue to have access to more than one portal, this is possible.  Once you log into the portal you will be able to choose which firm you want to access.  To ensure you are not sharing documents with the incorrect firm, you will have to log out of the portal and back in again to switch CPA firm access.

5. How do I know when there is something new for me in the portal

You will receive an email notification when new documents have been uploaded to your portal account. Likewise, Ennis, Pellum CPAs automatically receives notification when clients upload documents to their portal account.

6. How long will documents remain in the portal

Except from tax returns and financial statements, Ennis Pellum CPAs removes documents in your portal from time to time to clear out documents no longer required and to keep the portal easy to navigate. Please be sure to make copies of documents in the portal if you would like to keep them on file. Tax returns and financial statements will remain accessible in your portal account and will not be removed.

7. Am I able to access my tax returns and other documents on my mobile device?

Absolutely. The portal can be accessed from most browsers as well as mobile devices. Please refer to the user guide for further information.

8. Can I provide other people with access to my information, such as employees, bankers etc.?

Absolutely. The portal administrator for each portal account can set up access rights to other people. Refer to the portal user guide for how to set up, change and delete additional portal users on your portal. 

If you have difficulties accessing or using your Client Portal account, or if you would like us to create a client portal for you, please contact us at 904.396.5965 and ask for Amanda. Alternatively, you acan email Amanda at