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Helping Companies Grow

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Helping Business Owners Grow Their Companies and Their Skills

JAX Bridges | Prepping for Access to Capital

As a firm, we are avid advocates of the power of mentoring and partnering, both within the firm and throughout our communities. The firm sponsors and teaches at the JAX Bridges program of the JAX Chamber, designed to help educate entrepreneurs and business owners and connect them with new business opportunities. The firm gives it time and talent to teach an 8-hour "Prepping for Access to Capital" workshop in which business owners learn how to understand their financials, what bankers and other capital stream partners look for and how to prepare a complete loan application package. 

Participation in the JAX Bridges program is free to business owners and applications can be submitted via the JAX Bridges website. 

Financial Matters | Jacksonville Women's Business Center (JWBC)

The firm helped to develop the Jacksonville Women's Business Center's Financial Matters and Advanced Financial Matters program curricula and supports the programs through a combination of mentoring, educational workshops and financial sponsorship. In these programs, women business owners are linked with a hand-selected pair of professional, volunteer mentors from the accounting, banking or financial industries. The business owner works with her mentors for six months to build understanding of the financial aspects of her business and how to use financial reports and information as an effective decision-making tool.

ATHENA PowerLink | Jacksonville Women's Business Center (JWBC)

The firm has also served as a mentor on the Jacksonville Women's Business Center's ATHENA PowerLink program, designed to increase growth and profitability of local women-owned businesses. The ATHENA PowerLink program links an established woman-owned business with a hand-selected panel of professional advisors for one year to help the business owner meet her specific business goals and objectives. Business owners learn to network, build exposure in the community, access capital and implement best practices across her business.