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Recognized for its ease of use, Sage BusinessWorks is a dynamic accounting solution designed for small emerging companies with up to 50 employees who have outgrown off-the-shelf bookkeeping packages. With 11 fully integrated modules, plus extensive reporting tools, Sage Businessworks is simple to use and easy to learn with the same functionality as packages costing thousands more. These benefits, along with multi-user networking capabilities and the potential to expand the system when needed, gives Sage BusinessWorks the ability to enable up-and-coming businesses to support rapid growth. 

Among the features that have made Sage BusinessWorks so popular and effective are:

  • Direct access to the Web - Quickly check the status of a shipment, apply for a loan online, or research your competition all from the convenience of your accounting software with Sage BusinessWorks built-in Web browser.
  • Extensive Reports - Sage BusinessWorks offers more than 250 flexible built-in reports, graphical reporting capabilities, a custom report writer, and integration with Crystal Reports. This provides detailed financial information vital to the success of your business.
  • Integrates with many industry-leading applications - Create a completely integrated business management solution designed to increase your productivity and profitability.

We have extensive experience in upgrading businesses from the smaller off-the-shelf packages to Sage BusinessWorks. Please contact us to discuss your special situation and whether Sage BusinessWorks might be the best next step for your business.