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Streamline Shipping with StarShip Shipping Software

To achieve and maintain strong customer loyalty, it's essential to get your inventory in the hands of your paying customers as quickly and economically as possible. The Sage 100 ERP family of products allows you to do just that with StarShip, a plug-and-play add-on module.

StarShip, built by V-Technologies, integrates tightly with both Sage 100 Standard and Enhanced ERP solutions and makes the entire shipping process more streamlined.

No more wasted time re-entering data and risking costly errors. StarShip's plug-and-play interfaces provide the warehouse with instant access to orders and invoices. Simply scan the document number from your pick sheet to auto-populate the ship screen. For maximum efficiency, StarShip takes advantage of item information on the order to create the Commercial Invoice. AES Direct integration reduces compliance risks and speeds processing.

Starship Highlights:

  • Rate shopping between carriers to find cost-reduction opportunities. StarShip supports the national parcel carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS), regional carriers (OnTrac and Spee-Dee) and LTL options such as UPS Freight, FedEx Freight, Conway, and YRC.
  • Produce package and pallet labels, packing lists and a Bill of Lading (BOL)
  • Calculate freight charges through the use of an optional integrated scale
  • Supports third-party parcel insurance to cut parcel insurance costs
  • Freight costs and tracking information are automatically sent back to the sales order while your packages are being processed. That means faster, more accurate billing.
  • Print carrier-approved, bar-coded shipping labels and COD tags at the warehouse workstation for convenience and speedy processing.

Learn more about StarShip and ShipGear shipping software.

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