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Return Merchandise Automation

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To stay competitive, virtually every company needs to process customer returns. As today's customers demand a more specialized level of service, tracking and resolving these returns can be an increasing challenge.With the Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200) Return Merchandise Authorization module, returns and replacements can be handled with ease.

Does your customer want credit, a replacement, a substitution or a repair? The RMA module makes it easy to handle all of this - and when a customer has an urgent replacement need, RMA even lets you easily create a cross-shipment entry. This gives you an accurate record of items shipped before returns are received, and one more opportunity to build 100% customer satisfaction.

Return Merchandise Automation Highlights:

  • Accept returns for credit, replacement, or repair
  • Calculate restocking fees
  • Ship replacements before the original goods are returned to you
  • Return Reason Tracking
  • Receipts History and drill downs into all related documents

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